Tina White, Forest Therapy Guide

My name is Tina White, owner and operator of NatureMinded.ca and Fairy Door Tours. I moved from the burbs to the bush nine years ago, today I live in a tiny cottage at the edge of Lamanche Provincial Park, on the stunning Southern Shore in Newfoundland.

Iā€™m a digital marketing specialist by day, but my spare time is filled with many outdoor pursuits. I love to forage, hike, kayak, bike and swim, and occasionally spend the night in my hammock on the beauitful East Coast Trail (there's nothing more magical than sleeping under the starry sky and woodland canopy, at the edge of the world, where the boreal forest and the crashing waves of the ocean meet, lulled to sleep by a pair of loons and rolling beach rocks).

My love of the outdoors and the need to unplug from the digital world and the hustle and bustle of life, led me to become the first certified Forest Therapy guide in the province. Reconnecting to nature ā€“ or rewilding has changed my life ā€“ it can change yours too!

Spending meaningful time in nature has greatly reduced my anxiety and depression, it also lit my creative spark and a beautiful and unexpected little business was born (šŸ§š Fairy Door Tours). Find yourself again, reconnect to your roots ā€“ your true nature on a gentle, guided woodland experience!