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Join Certified Forest Bathing Guide Tina White on a gentle and inspiring journey of nature connection and wellness. Forest bathing is best described as a slow, relaxing sensory journey designed to calm the body and mind, and has been scientifically proven to improve our health in many ways – lowering anxiety, depression and blood pressure, and heightening creativity, wellbeing and happiness. Our walk will end with a tea ceremony with local foraged plants and snacks. Contact me for private group bookings!

What is Forest Bathing?

Forest bathing, or forest therapy was inspired by the Japanese practice of Shinrin-Yoku, which translates to ‘bathing in the essence of the forest’. In the early 1980s, the Japanese government began researching the health benefits of spending time in the forest. This gentle practice evolved as a result of this research.

Forest Bathing is not a hike or a walk in the woods, we move very slowly through nature, soaking it in with all of our senses. A series of simple, sensory-based activities (we call invitations) allow us to really sink in and connect to nature, opening us to receiving the healing medicine it offers. Mindfully moving through the landscape in ways that cultivate presence, opening all the senses, and communicating with the land. The walk ends with a tea ceremony featuring tea steeped from locally foraged plants. When you depart, you will likely have a new appreciation for our Boreal woodlands, and a practice you can readily apply in your daily life.

Spending time in woodland and natural areas for the purpose of enhancing our health, wellness, and happiness is a simple, yet often profound experience that helps restore us to our natural state of wellbeing. Come and see what medicine the forest holds for you!

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Private Group Walk $250

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Health Benefits & Research

  • Boosted immune system functioning, with an increase in the count of the body's Natural Killer (NK) cells
  • Reduced blood pressure
  • Reduced stress
  • Improved mood
  • Increased ability to focus, even in children with ADHD
  • Accelerated recovery from surgery or illness
  • Increased energy level
  • Improved sleep

Making Forest Bathing a regular practice, can have even more impact:

  • Deeper and clearer intuition
  • Increased flow of energy
  • Increased capacity to communicate with the land and its species
  • Increased flow of eros/life force
  • Deepening of friendships
  • Overall increase in sense of happiness
Visit the link below for research articles and videos to learn more.

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In November of 2019, our group of 15 had the great pleasure of experiencing forest bathing in Conception Harbour, lead by masterful guide Tina White. The experience totally exceeded our expectations. Tina was the perfect leader, gently and capably guiding everyone while also allowing participants to have their own very personal experience. The artful care with which she lead our group was both masterful and heart-warming. It was truly a magical and meditative outdoor adventure, one I believe everyone should experience. We hope to have Tina lead us again at our upcoming spring retreat in April of this year, and at all of our future retreats.
- Sarah Hansen Musical Director & Founder

Absolutely loved this bath! Would highly recommend especially for anyone who would like to destress for a couple hours.
- Elizabeth March Best

Thank you!!! Fabulous connections with the forest and some wonderful women. Truly a blissful morning. Can’t wait for the next one...
- Peggy Molloy

As a forager who spends so much time in the woods and someone who really enjoys a lot of time in nature, I really wasn't sure what a forest bathing experience would bring to me. After my time with Tina being gently guided through many experiences, I have to say that I actually felt quite overwhelmed in the most wonderful way. I left my day feeling like I had spent my time very detached from the everyday noise of life both mentally and literally. It truly propelled me with a sense of peace, refreshment and a grounding.
- Lori McCarthy, Food Culture Place

DID YOU KNOW - Forest Bathing is available right here in St. John's? Up until a month ago, I did not even know what Forest Bathing was! We all know how fabulous we feel when we are in nature - but do we take the time to do just that? My daughter and I attended the last session with Tina, and it was simply amazing! On a guided walk in Pippy Park, Tina brought our attention to the many wonders of nature, and it's calming effect. It was such an incredible experience, and I am so grateful to have been able to share with my 17 year old daughter! What greater gift could you give to someone than the gift of your time, and the awareness that the calm we all seek is just a forest walk away? Sign up for Tina's next session - you will be glad you did!!!
- Donna Conran

I’m very happy to endorse Tina White and her work as a certified leader in Forest Bathing.
On October 6, 2018, Tina led one of her Forest Bathing walks in the six-acre patch of boreal forest in Portugal Cove where I live and work, called The Boreal Poetry Garden. Before the event, Tina was very organized and easy to work with. The event itself aligned with many of my own ambitions as an environmental artist:
• providing experiences for people to appreciate the local boreal forest ecosystem in which we live;
• bringing attention to the various natural elements (water, light, breezes, the native
wildflowers and trees, and the ground itself on which we stood);
• exploring the natural world through all of our senses (sight, touch, sound, smells, and even taste), and thereby furthering well-being.
I respect Tina White enormously and I know her to be committed to the ethos behind Forest Bathing. I recommend her to you with my highest possible approval for any Forest Bathing programs you are planning at Gros Morne National Park.
- Marlene Creates Environmental artist and poet Recipient of a 2019 Governor General’s Award in Visual and Media Arts

It was magnificent! Can’t wait to do it again! I will email pictures tomorrow:) Too busy celebrating today!
- Tania LF