How far will we walk?

Approximately 1-2 kilometres. Please note this is not a hike or a walk, it is more of a wandering. As such we will not generate much heat, please dress in layers to avoid getting cold or chilled.

Is the walk wheelchair accessbile?

Unfortunately due to tree roots/terrain this walk is not wheelchair accessible. If you are interested in booking a private one-on-one or private group walk, we'd be happy to explore other venues that may be accessible.

Are there any age limits for participants?

We recommend ages 12 and up for public walks, there may be some events which are titled 'Family Forest Bathing Walk' which would be open to children as well.

Are walks weather permitting?

Somewhat... we will proceed in light rain, but will cancel in the event of heavier rain or unsatisfactory weather conditions. Please check our FB page and your email to be sure - any cancellations will be posted there.